Friday, May 20, 2011

Beginning In The Middle - Of Spring

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am endlessly inspired by my Garden!
Please come In and have a tiny glimpse...... there isn't enough room on blogger to hold ALL the pictures I could show you..... so I will start with just a few!
This is the Entrance Gate..... right at the bottom of the Back Porch steps..... on the way to the Garage. I can never resist taking a picture as I rush out the door on my way to work. This was a RARE sunny morning last week.

And here you can see from the South end looking back at the house...... just a Tiny Garden!

The tulips in their GLORY!
I LOVE the Black Magic tulips!

And the Narcissus 'Thalia', a sweetly scented double blossomed variety..... lost in the weeds...

And this lily-flowered tulip.... I cannot remember the name..... is Just DIVINE!

It has RAINED and POURED and SHOWERED and Rained some more this week!
EVERYTHING is feeling a bit worn down by the wet.

This lovely little plant is a favorite of mine, the very first plant I purchased when starting a garden SSSOOOOO many years ago! It is Phlox 'Canadensis' otherwise known as Wild Sweet William. The flowers are held aloft on delicate stems about 12 inches tall.... giving it an airy and graceful appearance. It will spread readily but needs to be kept free of competing weeds as it can be easily overwhelmed.

And the lilacs are in full bloom! What Garden in New England would be complete without a Lilac bush? These hardy survivors are an annual treat as they bloom so faithfully and vigorously Early in the season! Spring is HERE when the Lilacs bloom!
So there you are.... just a little peek at my Little Garden!


  1. small in size maybe, but it says GARDEN LOVER in big letters! Too bad we don't have smell on the internet ,-) Enjoy Spring at your place, it looks a treat.

    we want more, we want more

  2. Hi Debora! Thank you for leaving a comment here! I am just quietly starting this second blog.... I am thrilled that you are my first follower! There will be more..... I take a lot of pictures of this tiny garden! :)

  3. Hi, Betsy *waves shyly...teehee

    Glad I found this blog by chance when clicking on your profile.

    You have quite a green finger! I really love your little garden . It is not so little by my standard.

    And did you paint the picture on your blog header? WOW!

  4. Hi Sans! (Hee hee....) I am quietly starting this blog... maybe my almost secret garden! I think it will be more personal....but on the INTERNET! Not so personal.... but I am GLAD you found it.... I wasn't sure how to hint you to it! I will probably link it to my other blog when I figure out how to do that!!
    As for the painting on my blog header... yes I painted it... it is the wall of my bedroom! I will be doing a post about it eventually.... so stay tuned! :)