Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

One Can Hardly Tell....

We had more snow yesterday, amounting to about eight inches of the heavy wet stuff, so it makes it difficult to think Spring is here! But that is not at all unusual for this part of the country, so we are not surprised in the least. We have actually had a relatively mild Winter, it is just that compared with last year, which almost was No winter at all, this year seems harsher and longer. The closer we get to Spring the more it snows! You can visit my post in this blog from this same date last year to see what a contrast this year is to last. The crocus were blooming and the daffodils even had begun to open.... weeks ahead of their usual schedule! This year they are nowhere in sight!

I stood on my porch to take these few pictures, not even venturing out until the snow was done and the sun had set! The ground had been bare of snow in all but the shady corners until this morning.

The pile that the plow leaves beside the garage is back again.....

Rooftops are covered......

And the garden is once again buried in a thick white blanket.

But up in those branches the blackbirds have been singing
and the buds are starting to swell.....
But can we even Imagine that under all the snow patiently awaits 
what last year was already blooming.....

I wasn't ready last year for such early blooms.....
So perhaps it is better for them to take their time....
And remain covered in snow...

And we will all just Dream of Spring for a little while longer..... 
because as hard as it is to believe....
We know it is Almost here
on this First Day of Spring in New England!


  1. Wow, that's a whole load of snow! As far as I am concerned, this surely is still winter.

    Over here, it has been getting so hot but as I typed, I hear thunder and the sky is darkening. A welcome respite from the maddening heat! Hopefully a storm :):)

  2. What a difference a year makes!
    Lovely snow pictures. I love this blog - I also commented on the travel through your garden in last year's last chapter.
    Lots of love,
    (Wish I was there!)

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