Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Is Here!

In Worship of the Humble Crocus

The Winter that never really came is Gone!
Spring has Arrived with Such uncommon Vigor that it has taken Me by surprise!
I am Almost not ready!
On the First of March, we had eight inches of snow on the ground. On the eighth of March we had one inch of snow lingering in patches and hiding in shadows. The temperature had dipped briefly to 6 degrees F somewhere in between the arrival of the snow and its departure. Was THAT Winter?
It seems so!
This week it has been so HOT, temperatures in the 70's F every day!
My Garden is ready to be swept of last years dead leaves... a task we usually don't dare start until April... as the old leaves are a blanket for the tender plants in the cold weather.
Last weekend I bravely uncovered a few of the corners where I knew the crocus would emerge.... where they already WERE poking from the earth!

I LOVE the way the garden looks at the very beginning of Spring... all flat and Brown and empty.... with only the Bones showing.... the shrubs and stems and hard paving....

And the few brave bulbs sending up their leaves and stalks...

And if you look closely you can see the crocus huddled in the corner by the porch foundation...

Bare Rose canes and Clematis vines......
Hard to imagine the Color they will display so soon.....

And the crocus! So brave! So Beautiful! So Early!

And a closer view of the clump in the corner.....
I planted these close to the foundation knowing that they would bloom early there even on a harsh winter.... giving me HOPE for Spring..... when often it is still a long time away!

And closer....

And in the sunlight they positively GLOW!

This color is so Unbelievable in the brown landscape!

See how small they really are?

The afternoon sun casts such strong shadows......

In only two days the crocus in the Lavender bed have emerged and are in full bloom!!!

And the clumps along the walkway too..... they weren't there two days ago!

Aren't they amazing?

Can you believe that color?

I just LOVE the way they are translucent in the sun!

And in the Morning the garden is clouded with fog.......

I must go to work.... but not until I have taken some pictures.....

It is always like this... I have taken so many pictures..... but it is always different....

This morning the crocus are all closed up tight..... sleepy heads!
They don't wake up until the Sun shows his face!

They look so Demure....

And at the end of the day.....

the sun has had his way....

And the daffodils too, are starting to bloom!
Two days ago there were barely any buds!

It is almost TOO hot.... TOO much... TOO soon!

But never too beautiful....

That's just not Possible!

No matter how early!
Spring Is Here


  1. With us it is also spring.
    It's so lovely in the springtime Sun.
    I have sown all kinds of seeds.
    I'll come totally to life.
    Your garden is very nice.

    Greetings Alexandra

  2. Early or late; enjoy the rise of the sun, the explosion of color & birdsong. The burst of life is stunning and with each year passing it blows me away more and more and more and more